Next generation gaming.

With the fast moving economies and cultural changes, Nintendo has decided to step into the regional markets and their key marketing strategies set them apart from all the other players. They targeted the local interests and started developing products which have a more and larger volume of the audience than the imported toy markets. They collaborated with Disney and used their illustrious Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. for gaming characters and stepped into the American markets which took a great turn in their International presence with well-established base in the American market giving a very tuff competition to the Danish company called Lego.

As said by the founder of Nintendo “Never invest everything in one place,” the company has many subsidiaries like Nintendo Australia, etc. Nintendo is an epitome king for itself in understanding the needs of the people who advances and adapts to the changes that take place in the society. From Love Tester to the latest Nintendo 3DS XL every change it brought to the market made their fans more company-centric and most preferred company of all times. Many small startup companies tried to compete but they ended proving that Nintendo is an unremarkable kind of this particular segment of the industry.

1st time in the history of gaming world live 3D experience is brought to the audience by Nintendo through its Nintendo 3DS XL, it uses a very atypical physics principle called “Autostereoscopy” which uses Parallax barrier Autostereoscopy to display a 3D image without any 3D glasses. It compromises of a liquid crystal display and an eye tracking system which helps it to display a stereoscopic image or multiscopic image without the need of 3D glasses by the user, which set the standard for the competitors taking the gaming experience to another level. The 3DS XL has a larger display which is what the users of this age seek.

Proving that the company is undisputed rival it also enhanced the hardware it uses for its consoles and games making it cheaper to buy, easy to handle, simple to understand. The major problem all the gaming consoles faced is the lag in the game and the sudden freezing of the screens, Nintendo has addressed these problems by enhancing the RAM required for the console, providing an additional space which helps the machine to process well and makes it more stable to use.

The key to the success is not just the product development alone, it also depends on the way you reach your target audience. You might release a product in Japan and there is an interested buyer in America how can you sell the product from one continent to another? That problem was talked by establishing a very solid base in every continent Ex: NOA (Nintendo of America), NOE (Nintendo of Europe), NAL (Nintendo Australia Limited), NOK (Nintendo of Korea), Etc. Much more took the gaming world to a different and a very puzzling level. It’s most impressive research and development center is just an example of how they lead the market by developing time challenging products which other competitors cannot provide.