3 Things to Consider When Concealing Your Weapon

Concealed carry holsters are available in a wide variety of carry positions, such as ankle or belt holsters. You don’t want to advertise to the world that you are carrying a concealed weapon. If your weapon is exposed, you may end up facing the law rather than protecting yourself from threats. Instead, you want to surprise anyone who threatens you. To ensure you have the element of surprise, you need a holster that is fully concealed.


Your clothing may play a key role in your ability to conceal your weapon. For example, you shouldn’t wear an ankle holster with skinny jeans or a short skirt and a waist holster should not be worn with tight shirts and no jackets.

You may have to adjust your wardrobe to comfortably conceal your weapon. For example, you may have to wear a larger size pants if you carry at your waist or a jacket if you carry at your shoulder. Wearing prints and loose-fitting clothing also helps conceal weapons.


Your holster and weapon should sit in a position and fit so they are comfortable. For example, women may not carry at the waist or hip because their waistlines are shorter and curvier than men, which may cause the holster and firearm to dig into their sides.

Those who are an uncomfortable shift in ways that reveal their firearms. These individuals may also avoid carrying their weapons because they are uncomfortable.


Your holster should allow you to draw your gun quickly and efficiently. However, it should cover the trigger completely to avoid misfiring. You need to have a firm grip on your handgun before you begin drawing, and your draw should follow your natural movement. You should be able to point toward your target and sight in quickly.

Whether you are a new gun owner or you are looking for a new carry method, consider these criteria as you are choosing which holster to purchase.