3 Unique Ways To Enjoy Coffee

Coffee runs in the blood of some people. From lattes to macchiato’s to a simple cup-of-joe, it’s no secret that coffee is loved by many. However, how do people around the world enjoy their espresso? The variations are extensive; here’s a list of coffee’s creative concoctions you can find outside the states.

  1. Cà phê (sữa) đá

If you find yourself in Vietnam, know the beans produced there have a much more robust and intense taste than Americans usually drink. In order to combat this, they’ve found a way to sweeten the beans with a special brew. To lessen the intensity, the beverage drips through a metal filter into a cup filled with sweetened condensed milk. You can drink this beverage hot or iced, and you’ll find it at nearly every cafe and street stand in Vietnam.

  1. Yuenyeung

If you love coffee and tea, then you’ll be right at home in Hong Kong. This beverage is a mix between the two drinks, but it’s not simply half and half. Instead, the flavors are balanced in a way that’s very intricate. Because of how the beverages are blended, yuenyeung is said to taste like a mix of hot cocoa and chai.

  1. Kaffeost

Many people enjoy adding milk or cream to their coffee, but in Sweden, they enjoy a different dairy addition. Kaffeost is a cup of coffee boiled over an open fire and poured into a wooden mug. However, instead of milk, it’s accented with cheese that tastes like cheese curds and halloumi. People can place the cheese right into their beverage or dip it into the coffee as they drink it.

Studies show humans consume 400 billion cups of coffee each year. It’s the most popular beverage in the world, and people have found some pretty unique ways to consume their most-desired drink. While you may have your favorites, different countries have invented other ways to enjoy this booming beverage.