Choosing a Hopper Bottom Trailer

Hopper bottom trailers are used in hauling grain, sand, rocks, fertilizer and other materials. These trailers have 1-2 hoppers on the bottom and a rolling tarp that covers the load. Although these trailers have similarities, not all hopper trailers are the same. Therefore, before purchasing a trailer or ordering a load, consider the hopper bottom jobs it will be used for.


The truck type will determine the size and capacity of the trailer. For example, a larger truck will be required to haul a heavier trailer with a greater capacity. In addition, these trucks must stay within regulated weight limits based on the truck’s specs. Therefore, you my pay more to transport a large load of goods using a large trailer.


You need to know how much grain or other material you need hauled prior to reserving your truck. The type of product will also determine the size of the trailer you need. Although larger capacity loads will cost more, you won’t have to worry about whether your entire load will fit in a small truck.


The trucking company and driver are largely responsible for making sure your load does not damage the truck’s suspension, so they must ensure that the truck has the suspension necessary to carry your load. The driver should to be able to maneuver easily with the load. In addition, the load should not cause excess noise or create an uncomfortable ride. The weight of your load will take a toll on the truck’s suspension, but if the suspension is rigid enough, your load should arrive to your client in good shape.


You want to make it as easy as possible for your truck driver to unload your grain. Therefore, be aware of the drop-off specifications, including the swing hopper dimensions, and share these with your driver or trucking company.

Be conscientious when you order your transportation. Give the trucking company as much detail as you can to ensure your product and the driver arrive at their destination safely.