Effects of amino acids derived from oyster peptide powder

Effects of amino acids derived from oyster peptide powder

Shell is employed in traditional Chinese medicine to support healthy heart function, ordinary vital signs, and restful night sleep. Oyster peptide powder helps normal blood heat in the dark, supports normal alimentary canal function, and features a sedating and calming effect. Body meridians that enjoy shell are the liver and kidney. Oyster peptide powder can be use sauce, fast noodle season, chaffy dish, puffed food, meat, season pack, deep fry good, drink, etc.


Oyster peptide has an abundance of protein, vitamin, moderate of microelement and turbine. Besides, it contains multiple nutrition which is primarily owned by oceans. The turbine can lower blood fat, inhibit the aggregation of platelet, improve hyperglycemia, enhance human immunity and increase metabolism. So, oyster peptide powder is showing an excellent effect on preventing arteriosclerosis, coronary disease, coronary disease, angina, hyperlipemia, arrhythmia, DM, chronic hepatitis, hypo immunity.

Moreover, the oyster peptide has an impact on males’ semeniferous aphrodisiac. It can cure infertility caused by a lack of sperm. Additionally, the oyster extract is sweet for women’s menopause syndrome, adolescent functional uterine bleeding, and antepartum or postpartum weakness.

Uses of oyster peptide

Liver detoxification

Peptide contained in oyster taurine can promote bile secretion, exclude the buildup of neutral fat within the liver and improve liver detoxification.

Improve sexual function

The oyster peptide contains several indispensable arginines, and elements Zinc. Oyster peptide powder can improve sexual service. Sexual dysfunction, impotence, enlarged prostate, genital hypoplasia, and other male diseases, in many cases for the rationale of insufficient lead, caused.

Congestion purification

Taurine for atherosclerosis oyster peptides produced by congestion, and therefore the resulting induced angina, myocardial infarct, cerebral infarction. Oyster peptide powder continued use can improve metabolism of the physical body, adjust the function of plant neural, and can also decrease serum cholesterin of the physical body, depress vital signs, prevent and cure hepatitis, peptic ulcer, duodenum ulcer, high vital sign.


In the oyster peptide containing amino acids which may improve the function of the liver, inhibit carboxylic acid accumulation, to assist speed up recovery and physical fatigue promotion. additionally, the peptide taurine and oyster glycogen can’t only help restore the physical fatigue, but also mental fatigue to recover is extremely useful, the role of depressive disorder improvement and restoration of vision has been recognized.

Effects of amino acids derived from oyster peptide powder


Because it can improve the formation and secretion of hormones like lactotransferrin (LTF), the physiological adjustment, no pregnancy symptoms, menopausal disorders, even have a sound effect. Additionally, iodine and tryptophan in oysters can assist you to grow gorgeous black hair.

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