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Finer Choices in the Best Trading Options Now

There is a worldwide fever regarding investments in the FOREX sector. This trend is fostered by a number of operators, companies and entities that are certainly interested in keeping industry moving and attention high, even if it is necessary to deceive investors and omit important facts, if not even to lie, to deceive and to harm.

Forex and Your Choices

This is a traditional market, until a few years ago limited to professional traders who were interested in operating there mainly as a result of trade or international investment (including hedging) or for financial rebalancing. Cases of speculators were relatively rare and almost always limited to large operators. Like all high volatility and high risk markets, the FOREX market can actually offer high profits, just as there is also the real and frequent risk of making high losses.

  • At some point companies began to set up that were dedicated to offering any investor, even the smallest, access to investments in the FOREX market. To this end, they stressed the great possibilities of profit, while omitting the great possibilities of losses. The market was growing, fueled by false promises and illusions, and was automating itself creating the so-called “platforms”, that is, computer systems that, timely programmed by investors, would supposedly be able to better manage investments, providing high profits with supposedly safety (the high possibility of loss, as always, is omitted).

It is common to receive bids from companies that have created automated FOREX trading systems and in some cases also act as brokers, stating the wonders of their systems that can achieve profits of 10% to 50% per month. It is never mentioned that it is equally possible to have losses of the same or even greater magnitude. In the event of loss, the fault is immediately placed on the poor programming or parameterization of the platform / system, ie investor “errors” rather than market risks.

Greater Ideas

It is important to understand that the FOREX market is a relatively  san francisco escorts  market. Speaking of short / medium term trading (which is always proposed in these “platforms”), when someone wins on a transaction, someone else will be losing. For this reason the promises and illusions of easy and practically safe gains for all who enter this market are false and dangerous. For someone to win, someone else in the same market must lose! In other words, it is impossible for everyone to win, which makes this market a high risk market where the possible profits are not guaranteed and always associated and equally possible

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