NEC Infant Formula Recall Lawsuit

NEC Infant Formula Recall Lawsuit

Lawyers at Dalimonte Rueb Stoller represent parents of children who were given Similac or Enfamil formula, and then developed necrotizing enterocolitis. We are here to help you and your family if your loved ones have suffered from the terrible effects of NEC.

Premature babies often have small bodies and lack sufficient fat. This makes it difficult for them manage the swallow, swallow, and breathe coordination necessary for breastfeeding. They need to have another source of nutrition to get the additional minerals and calories they require. Advanced infant formulas are made to address this need.

Premature babies have enough problems. Infant formula should not be fed to premature babies. It is safe and shouldn’t pose any additional risk. Studies have shown that infant formulas made with cow milk can put premature babies at greater risk of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

NEC (necrotizing Enterocolitis), is something that no baby should have to suffer. Children suffering from NEC may require multiple surgeries or even death to manage their symptoms. There is evidence to suggest that formula manufacturers, such as Similac or Enfamil, knew of the dangers but failed to warn parents and health care professionals about them.

For a free case evaluation, call our infant formula Infant Formula Recall Lawyer at 833-44 DRLAW if your family has been affected by NEC. You might be eligible for legal action to obtain the justice and compensation that you need.

to the toxic baby formula lawyers at the Wieand Law Firm. According to the report of a former Abbott employee, made public last month, the Sturgis, Michigan plant had released untested formula and had lax cleaning schedules. Now, lawsuits have been filed by parents of babies that have died from consuming products made at that plant. The toxic baby formula lawyers at our firm are investigating claims that Abbott baby formula caused serious injury or harm in infants.

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