Six Essentials for Being a Gentleman

Six Essentials for Being a Gentleman

According to the dictionary, a gentleman is an honorable, chivalrous, and courteous man. Although gentlemen may seem like people from the past and not fashionable today, thoughtfulness is timeless. A gentleman is someone who cares about others and should be aspired to. These are six basic characteristics of a gentleman.

1) Maintain good hygiene. Although it seems obvious, here is a reminder. Cleanliness is essential. Shower daily. Floss. Use deodorant. Do not use too much goop on your hair. If you are unable to do your nails by yourself, get a professional manicure. Do not use aftershave that is so strong it makes you feel like you are coming from another country. It will not take her breath away.

2) Be polite. Your mom taught your to say thank you and please. Your father taught you how to hold hands with authority, but not crush the other man. As you exchange pleasantries, be sure to look at him directly in the eyes. Being polite means being kind to others. Never underestimate the importance of being polite. Carry the heavy bags and hold the door for the elderly gentleman. Don’t be afraid to smile and take initiative. It will surprise you how much better it makes you feel.

3) Be polite. In grade school, fart jokes and belching weren’t funny. Yes, it is acceptable to use the f-word here or there, but not really. You’re more creative than that. Keep calm and imagine what a man might say. You can substitute “fatuous nincompoop”, for swear words, if you have to retort. It’s far more original and fun.

4) Don’t dress like an idiot. T-shirts and sweatpants have their place and can be worn in certain circumstances. A gentleman is proud of how he looks. He is unique. Spend some time exploring what suits you best, while still feeling comfortable. Purchase at least one suit. It’ll be your best friend. It should be tailored to your measurements. You can find great options for no-iron shirts. Shine your shoes.

Be kind. Consider the feelings of others before acting. When someone offers you a place for the night, send a thank-you note or flowers. You can offer your place on the bus for the pregnant aspiring gentleman woman. Be mindful of how your actions impact others and act accordingly. Even if it is small, you can change your life by choosing to be kind, even if it is not the most important. You will become more compassionate the more you do them. It’s nice being nice.

Be in control. Gentlemen should not fly off the handle, shout or shout. He doesn’t verbally abuse or be mean. He drinks only what he can manage so he can behave with decorum and restraint when needed. Although you cannot control the world around you, you can control your own behavior. You can stop getting mad if you don’t want to be. A gentleman keeps his cool.

Be considerate is the key. Respect for others, consideration of their feelings and a willingness to act decently are the keys to being a gentleman.