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Completely Fashionable Blonde Hair Blue Eyes

August 9, 2019 Alfred George 0

Blonde hair blue eyes go together, like Romeo and Juliet. They are natural double existence. If you were lucky to be born with blue eyes blonde hair, then you are envy for many. This combination is famous as one of the sexiest and beautiful looks you can find in the world.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can not rock these hairstyles if you are not blonde with blue eyes. There is always a chance to fake it until you make it. For instance, you can colour your hair blonde, though you will have to bleach your hair to remove your natural colour. You can also purchase blue contact lenses to transform the colour of your eyes! Check more here.

1.Subtle Soft Curls.

Soft curls promote the sexiness of ladies with blonde hair blue eyes. Natural hues and soft pinks can further complement this beautiful look.

2.Light Layering.

If you want to enhance your bone structure, opt for light layering since it does it the best. Maintain the layers shorter at the front in order to frame the face and highlight your cheekbones.

3.Platinum Blonde.

A subtle hair shade, such as platinum blonde will enhance the brightness of your eyes. If you select a lighter colour, the brighter your eyes will look. It gives you an ice queen look.

4.Ombre Style.

Utilise ombre hair styling method to transform your locks from dark shade into a bright tone. If the transition part is near your eyes, more attention would be drawn to your blue eyes.

5.Highlights and Lowlights.

If you are searching for ways to add more texture and depth to your hair, then you can achieve that by using lowlights and highlights. Highlights have a lighter colour compared to the roots while the colour of lowlights is darker than that of the base.

6.Voluminous Locks.

Voluminous hair appears excellent on blonde hair blue eyes women. To add more volume on your hairstyle, backcomb your hairdo starting at the roots.

7.Light and Sleek.

Maintain your locks looking light and sleek by combing it on a regular basis. This helps prevent your hair from developing tangles and kinks. Besides, the light blonde hair compliments pale blue eyes.

8.Choppy Cut.

This is the best option for young women with blonde hair blue eyes who don’t need to appear too manicured. A choppy cut reduces the weight from the hair trimmings of the entire hairstyle.

9.Long Hair and Beautiful Waves.

Ladies with blonde locks and blue eyes need an equally deserving hairstyle. Thick hair and big sleek waves are a famous style thanks to its beauty and glamour. Whether you want to rock it for a special occasion or casual events, you will find it pretty flattering.

10.Shoulder Length Look.

And if you need something that is neither too long nor too short, then we recommend that you opt for shoulder-length style. By keeping your blonde hair at shoulder length, you can rock one of the glamorous hairstyles for ladies with blue eyes.

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