Why You Need To Take Measurements for Your New Replacement Oakville Windows

Why You Need To Take Measurements for Your New Replacement Oakville Windows

The main reason why homeowners take measurements for the existing Oakville windows is to ensure that they get the exact window for their project. Buying an oversize or undersize window can be costly and time-consuming since the installer will need to resize them to fit in the existing window frame.

When buying Oakville Windows and Doors, you are likely to be given the measurements for such windows. However, it is essential to take measurements for such Oakville windows yourself to ascertain that. Generally, you would want to take quick measurements of the window’s width and height. Taking measurements of the windows before purchasing new replacement windows is essential for a number of reasons.

  1. Easy Installation

Properly sized replacement Oakville windows are easier to install compared to oversized or undersized windows. Installing a well-sized window is a matter of putting wedges around the window and levelling it before nailing. However, if the window doesn’t fit well, installation becomes challenging. In case of the oversized window, the installer will need to trim some parts for the window to fit snuggly within the frame. If the window is smaller, it will leave some space which will need refilling with wood materials.

  1. Draft-Free Windows

Drafts normally occur due to poor window installation. The reason could be that there were gaps left open around the window jamb. Filling spaces around the window frame that are more than an inch is always difficult.

Drafts could also occur due to warping of the Oakville windows and when window panes break. But if you have the right measurements, this can be avoided during window replacement Oakville.

  1. Stable Windows

When installing windows, window installers leave space between the frame and the glass to allow expansion and contraction. However, the frame and the glass ought to be close enough, so the space is not big to allow weather elements in your house. This can only be accomplished by taking accurate measurements, allowing for contraction and expansion.

  1. Consider Exterior Space

Before you buy your new replacement Oakville windows, you should consider the available exterior space. This is especially if you want to buy windows that swing to the outside, i.e. awning or casement windows. So the exterior space available should be enough to accommodate swinging of the window.

Whether your house is located right next to the garage, or there is another extension of your home to take care of, remember you need to leave space for your windows to open to.

  1. Should You Hire A Professional Window Installer To Do The Work For You?

Though you can opt for a DIY, it is recommended to hire a professional window installer to do window replacement Oakville for you. This will save time, and rest assured your project is being handled by a professional.